Dentist Indianapolis Signs of a Cavity

Dentist in Indianapolis IN on Cavity Prevention

While cavities and tooth decay are the most common health detriment experienced by people across the world, they may not always be the easiest to identify. Sure, you may feel so pain in your tooth all the sudden one day- but aches come and go, as your dentist in Indianapolis IN has seen time and time again.


If that ache is indeed a cavity, getting ahead of it is essential. Left untreated, cavities can lead to injection, disease, tooth loss, structural damage and more issues you would rather avoid overall.


Keeping regular cleaning and exam appointments with our office is of course one of the best ways to stay ahead of decay, besides avoiding sugary and acidic foods or drinks as much as you possibly can.


You may be wondering right now, besides feeling some ache in a tooth one day- how can you actually know you may have a cavity?


To help you potentially identify this issue before scheduling an appointment, we have provided you with a List of Early Cavity Warning Signs to review today.


As always, if you have any questions concerning this issue…if you think you have a cavity…or are just in need of your standard 6-month check-up, call the office of your dentist in Indianapolis IN today at (317) 358-8885.


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