Dentist Indianapolis Dental History through the Ages

Indianapolis Dentist Discusses Dentistry in the Time of Ancient Origins


Dentistry has progressed and worked to create incredible smile transformations for patients over centuries. It’s incredible what your Indianapolis dentist have the experience and skill to do just to make sure your teeth are happy and healthy. But it’s also important to know the history of dentistry and how this all came to be!


Starting from the beginning around the time of 5000 BC, or Ancient Origins, the first mention of any dental related issue was in Sumerian text, a language spoken in Mesopotamia. It discussed “tooth worms,” which was discovered to be the cause of tooth decay. About 1400 years later, an Egyptian scribe was recognized as one of the first “dentists” known to man. He was known to “deal with teeth, and of physicians.”


Around the early centuries of BC, popular philosophers Aristotle and Hippocrates wrote about dentistry, including dental extractions, treatment of decay, and more. There were more medical writers in the early centuries, as well as practice using prosthetics.


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