What is a Night Guard?

Teeth clenching is one the excruciating problems that many of us would often go through. Oftentimes, dentists would suggest using night guards to protect our teeth from clenching and grinding when we are asleep. Many of us are not really familiar with night guards. So, what is it really and how do we use it?


What is a night guard?


A night guard is a dental mouth guard used by patients who have problems in bruxism or teeth grinding. The night guard is used as a protective shield in the middle of your lower and upper teeth. This protects your teeth and other structures inside your mouth.


There are different kinds of night guards depending on the severity of the teeth grinding. Before getting one, it is very important that you know which type of night guard fits you.


Three types of Night Guards


· Acrylic Night Guards

Acrylic night guards are made from durable, hard plastic. This type of night guard is often used by people who are suffering from heavy and severe teeth grinding.  This type of night guard can last up to 5 years. This night guard is often customized according to the measurement of the patient’s mouth. If this does not fit well with the patient’s mouth, it can cause severe problems in the future.


· Soft night guard

Soft night guards are often used by people with mild cases of teeth grinding. This type of night guard is used as a soft protection for the teeth. This is often prescribed to people who are suffering from teeth clenching. The soft night guard comes with a soft material cushion that protects the teeth from clenching.


· Dual laminate Night Guard

The dual laminate night guard is often prescribed when the severity of bruxism ranges from medium to heavy. The dual laminate night guard is used as a protection and cushion. It is soft on the inside and hard on the outside. This night guard is very durable compared to the soft night guard.



Teeth grinding causes a big impact on our dental health. If the symptoms occur, it is very important that you have your teeth checked. Also, make sure to get the right night guard that is perfect for you.

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