Using Waterlase to Treat Decay

Dr. Kevin J. Welch is an Indianapolis, IN dentist at Tenth Street Dental Care who proudly assists patients with the treatment of a wide variety of conditions. One of the most commonly seen concerns in his practice is that of tooth decay. Also known as dental caries or “cavities,” decay is completely avoidable. When patients take good care of their smile with brushing and flossing after every meal, they greatly reduce their chances of developing cavities and therefore can keep their smile healthy each and every day. However, if cavities do form, it is essential for patients to get a proper diagnosis and discuss treatment options. In most cases, treatment involves the removal of decay and the placement of fillings.


Decay presents itself as a hole in the tooth. If left untreated, the decay may continue to enlarge and may become big enough to reach the dental pulp within the and cause an infection. At this point, a filling is not the best option. When infection occurs to the dental pulp, a procedure called root canal therapy is required to salvage the tooth. Otherwise, an extraction may be necessary.


Fillings start with the removal of decay. While a traditional dentist may use shots and drills to perform this procedure, our team uses advanced dentistry alternatives such as the Waterlase dental laser. This device is special as it uses water energized by a laser light to remove decay. It eliminates the need for anesthetic shots and dental drills, making the entire process much less invasive and more comfortable for patients.


If you believe you have developed a cavity and need to have a filling placed, now is a great time to contact Dr. Kevin J. Welch of Tenth Street Dental Care to schedule an appointment. His front office team is available at (317) 358-8885 and can help you book your next visit. We provide convenient office hours and flexible scheduling to ensure everyone has access to the dental care they need to look and feel their absolute best

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