Time for a Re-Do: Dentures

We want our patients to have the best smile that they can for a lifetime. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case for everyone. Whether it’s due to dental trauma, accidents, aging or infections, there are patients who may have lose several or all of their teeth. While some patients look at this with defeat, we want everyone to see this as another opportunity for a brand new smile that you’re comfortable and happy with. That’s why Tenth Street Dental Care offers dentures in Indianapolis IN; this option gives you more than just a new smile.


There are a number of benefits that dentures can provide. While dentures replace your missing teeth, they also give you the ability to comfortably eat and chew all of the foods you love to enjoy, maintain the structure of your face without having to deal with any sunken facial features in the cheek and jaw areas, and return your confidence back so you’re free to smile and laugh again!


Here at our practice, we provide both full and partial dentures. For full dentures, there are conventional and immediate dentures; immediate used for when your teeth are officially removed and the dentures are inserted to the gums while conventional are generally placed within 8-12 weeks after the extraction of the remaining teeth.


If you’re only missing some of your teeth, then we also offer partial dentures. Missing a few teeth may not seem like a big deal, but it’s going to affect your everyday routine much more than you may think. Your facial structure will still change if you’re missing a few teeth, parts of your cheeks appearing sunken and sad. Thankfully, partial dentures will make your smile look natural and fit comfortably since they’re personally created just for you!


To learn more about our dentures in Indianapolis IN, call Tenth Street Dental Care today at (317) 358-8885 and schedule a consultation so we can help create the best treatment plan for you!

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