The Importance of Routine Cleanings

Visiting your dentist twice a year or every six months is important for many different reasons. Taking care of your teeth and talking to a dentist regularly is an indispensable component of proper preventative care. Here are some of the top reasons that keeping up with dental checkups is worth the time and effort just a few days a year.
Healthy Gums
Going to a regularly scheduled dental cleaning is also a very important part of keeping your gums healthy and strong. Overtime, plaque can build up on your teeth from debris and saliva that may not have been removed from brushing. Your hygienist or dentist can ensure that your teeth are smooth and free from buildup by the end of your visit. If left unattended to, the bacteria in the plaque can lead to problems with the gums and even tooth decay.
Just like a yearly physical, going to the dentist is important for finding and uncovering the cause of issues as quickly as possible. You may discover that you have a small cavity, or have questions answered about a toothache you’ve been having recently. Additionally, your dentist can take X-Rays to make sure that everything is normal with your jaw and roots. This is also important if you have yet to get your wisdom teeth removed. This way, the dentist can keep track of where the progress of the molars, and ensure that they aren’t harming the gums or surrounding teeth.
A Whiter Smile
Routine cleanings can remove surface stains from things like food and drink that cause light discoloration. The polishing portion of the cleaning can also leave your smile brighter and looking its best. The tools that your hygienist uses can provide a deeper clean than what you would normally be able to do with a traditional toothbrush at home. 
Many patients avoid the dentist due to anxiety or fear of having their teeth examined. If you’re suffering from any kind of nervousness before your appointment, know that there are options available to help you relax. Some sedatives, like laughing gas for example, don’t even require a recovery time. Therefore, you’ll be able to drive yourself back to work or home after your visit. 
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