The Dental Glossary

Patient education is one of the essential portions of a successful treatment in the eyes of your Indianapolis dentist. Having our patients know what procedures we perform and why…the ins and outs of their at-home care…all of this knowledge is as important as the actual action of doing it. If you ever have any questions about these areas- please, feel free to ask us!


And while we will do our best to give you a comprehensive dental education while you are in our office, some terms and concepts may allude you still- and that is okay! We spent years of sleepless nights studying and practicing so WE could worry about “prophylaxis” and “amalgam”- not you.


However, we have found that even your Indianapolis dentist can sometimes be guilty of including “highbrow” dental words like the ones above into some of our conversations with patients. We want to make it clear- we don’t do this to make you feel uncomfortable or left out, but just because it is in our vernacular! And even though we stress that you shouldn’t worry about asking us “what does this mean?”… We know not every patient will. If you want to spend a little independent time catching up on some of the most common dental phrases, you can review this online Dental Glossary that we found for you: Click Here for More.


At the end of the day, if you know your “occlusal” from your “temporomandibular”- you should still schedule an appointment with your Indianapolis dentist at Tenth Street Dental Care by calling (317) 358-8885 today!

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