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As cosmetic dentists in Indianapolis IN, Dr. Welch will often see the results of and must help restore teeth that have been damaged at the hands of teeth grinding. Though all of us can grind our teeth now and then due to unpleasant stimuli (nails on a chalkboard, anyone?), a chronic condition exists where many times patients are not even aware of their habit…this is called bruxism. Today we will take a look at some of the symptoms, results, and prevention methods for chronic teeth grinding- also known as bruxism.


As stated previously, many patients suffering from this condition do not even know they are participating in it- and this mostly happens because they are engaging in the behavior in their sleep. Teeth grinding is often a means of relieving stress, and by grinding while asleep, the patient is sort of “wearing away” the stresses of their day. Though a partner or someone who knows your sleeping habits may be able to hear and identify this, other signs are available. Just as you would see in grinding any two objects together, they eventually start to disappear. You could notice your teeth becoming smaller, the chewing surface can become diminished and you may even hear new “pops” or “clicks” in your jaw if you are grinding in your sleep.


As a result of bruxism, several mouth threatening conditions can develop. Teeth may loosen or crack, which can allow decay to develop and grow out of control or even for teeth to fall out. Due to the sheer force exerted by jaw muscles, facial and jaw pain, as well as chronic headaches have also been reported and related to teeth grinding.


To resolve issues with bruxism, nighttime mouth guards are often worn to prevent the grinding from affecting the teeth. Certain behavioral “therapy” methods including tongue and jaw exercises, as well as stress relief tactics, have also been utilized to successfully treat those suffering from this condition.


If you have unfortunately fallen victim to the grips of bruxism, or wish to know more concerning it- please call Tenth Street Dental Care, your cosmetic dentists in Indianapolis IN today at (317) 358-8885.

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