Teeth Whitening Options

At Tenth Street Dental Care and Denture Center, we understand how important a beautiful smile can be. We know that a smile can exude health and confidence. When patients are unhappy with over-the-counter whitening products and are ready for real results with a professional, we accept them into our practice to learn about our two types of teeth whitening solutions that work!


The first of our whitening products is our take-home whitening kit. This includes a custom-made tray fabricated using impressions of the top and bottom dental arch. Patients are then sent home with their new trays as well as their whitening gel. Our gel is made with a much higher concentration of ingredients than anything found at the local drugstore, ensuring amazing results! Patients wear their trays with the gel for the prescribed amount of time each day for gradual whitening and full results within a few weeks.

Another option for our patients is that of our in-office power bleaching. In just one hour, patients can leave the dental office with a smile eight shades whiter. This particular method is more expensive than our take-home trays but can allow patients the opportunity to whiten their smile quickly to prepare for reunions, weddings, or upcoming photography sessions. Patients love the ability to sit back and relax as our dental team does the work in addressing staining and discoloration on the surfaces of the teeth. 


Both of these options work great, and it all comes down to what our patients want, their budget, and how they’d like to have their teeth treated. During a consultation appointment, our team can discuss the two solutions and help patients pick one that is beneficial for their specific needs and desires.


Dr. Kevin J. Welch and the Tenth Street Dental Care and Denture Center of Indianapolis, Indiana is here to help you in receiving optimum dental care solutions. We want patients to have access to many of the treatment options they deserve, including cosmetic dentistry. If you have considered working with a dental professional to whiten your teeth, now is the time to contact our state-of-the-art facility. We can be reached by calling (317) 358-8885 and visiting our practice at 6919 E. 10thStreet. 

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