Stress & What It Does to Your Smile

Aggressive stress is known to affect a large number of people to the point of taking medication. What people may not know is how it affects other parts of your health, including your dental care. If you’re looking for the best Indianapolis dentist, look no further than Dr. Welch! Here at our office, we want to share with our patients how stress can negatively affect your oral health.‚Äč


Also known as temporomandibular disorder/joint, this disease affects the joints and muscles in your jaw and in your neck. If you’re experiencing sore jaw muscles, clicking or popping in the jaw area, difficulty eating, chewing and talking, you may be suffering from TMD or TMJ. Unfortunately, it’s hard to distinguish what causes this potential disease, but there are common factors, mostly stress, and frustration. Clenching and grinding your teeth will cause your muscles and joints to be sore.


Canker Sores
These sores, also called mouth ulcers, are painful bumps that form in your mouth. These can occur if you brush your teeth too hard, if you bite on your tongue and cheeks, or if you irritate it with sour candies. There is also research that shows that the more your stress increases, the more likely you are to suffer from canker sores.


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