Straighten Up!

When you smile, do you do so freely, or do your lips act as a veil over your teeth? Hiding misalignment can be a challenge. For many teens and adults, the idea of wearing metal braces, or even invisible brackets and wires, is an even bigger challenge. Operating from this assumption can keep you from getting the straighter, healthier teeth that you want. If you are in the Indianapolis area, your dentist at Tenth Street Dental Care & Denture Center can help you determine if you are a good candidate for Invisalign.


Rescue your Smile with Invisalign

Many people have an idea of what Invisalign is; that it is a way to straighten teeth. There are two common assumptions that people have. One is that Invisalign is nothing more than invisible braces (brackets and wires). This is incorrect. Invisalign is a system of aligners that look like teeth whitening trays. These aligners fit over the teeth comfortably. The second assumption that people make is that there is no possible way that flimsy plastic trays can straighten teeth. This is also incorrect. Invisalign has been around for several years and has straightened hundreds of thousands of smiles.


Before tossing the idea aside, consider the advantages of the Invisalign system. Patients who move forward often do so because of benefits such as:



There's no better time to straighten your smile than now. Call (317) 358-8885.

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