Quick & Easy Dental Implant Facts

More patients than ever before are turning to the top providers of Indianapolis IN dental implants to replace their teeth with this state-of-the-art technique! Dental implants offer so many benefits to patients missing one, two or multiple teeth and can help you regain your smile like never before! And while we have a full page discussing the implant process and procedure, we understand that in this day and age, readers want quick, to-the-point information to help them make up their minds. For that very reason, we have provided the following facts on why you should choose dental implants for you to consider today!


They Have Great Success!

While implant placement success will ultimately vary patient to patient, depending on their oral health before the procedure and how they take care of them after, overall implants have a 95% success rate nationwide! Your Indianapolis IN dentists will do all they can to prepare you for implantation beforehand, setting you up for success, and will let you know exactly what to do after so that those implants stay around as long as they possibly can.


The Look AND Feel Great!

Let’s face it- no one likes the look of missing teeth. Implants solve this, of course, but also help in the realm of how it feels to have teeth. Something most of us can take for granted is the sensation of biting into a piece of food or feeling your tongue smack against the back of a tooth when talking. While implants can’t 100% replace these sensations, you do get more experience with them due to their deep root, compared to other replacement methods


They Help Protect Other Teeth!

A gap in your smile is not only unsightly, but it can cause issues with your speech, your bite and more. Surrounding teeth can shift and become crooked because of a missing tooth next to it. Not to mention, dental implants save surrounding teeth from having to be “anchors” like they are in dental bridges too. 


For more information on how to replace your missing teeth with the most realistic and helpful looking and feeling solution today- call your top providers of Indianapolis IN dental implants at Tenth Street Dental Care and Denture Center at (317) 358-8885.

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