Nutrition's Impact on Your Teeth

Not only is the health of your oral cavity dependant on consistent proper dental hygiene, but it is also dependant on the food that you consume daily. It is imperative to consume a nutritious diet in order to have the right amounts of vitamins and minerals to ensure for healthy gums and teeth. 
What to Think About When Choosing Foods to Consume:
• How long does the food stay in your mouth? (Think candy, gum, etc.)
• How often are you choosing sugary sweets?
• The texture of the food. (Chewy, sticky, gummy)
• Are you eating a snack or a meal?
How Does Sugary Food Affect Your Oral Cavity?
Sugary foods have a great impact on the development of tooth decay. As people often consume snacks between meals, they increase the amount of sugar in their mouth. Sugar comes in various hidden forms and has different names to be aware of, such as: sucrose and fructose. Be aware that starchy snacks will also break down into sugars once they are in the mouth. 
Bacteria lives in your mouth and forms a plaque on the surface of your teeth. Once sugar enters your mouth the plaque and bacteria absorb it and turn it into acids that can destroy your teeth, including the enamel that protects them. As a result, cavities are often formed. 
Choose Smarter Foods and Snacks
There is a large variety of nutritious food that not only is good for your body, but won’t wreck havoc on your teeth. Fresh fruit and vegetables, plus grains and unsweetened cereals provide a lot of needed fiber, plus vitamins and minerals. Dairy products are great for helping aid in the prevention of cavities and bacteria in the mouth. 
It is always wise to check the label of foods. Sometimes when you think you are choosing something healthy for you and your family, you may not realize that there are a lot of additives including sugar that can be harmful to your health and your teeth. Make sure you are aware of what you are consuming. Talk to Dr. Welch your top dentist in Indianapolis, IN, about key foods to avoid that are guilty in giving your mouth with too much sugar and an increased chance of tooth decay.

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