Learn to Love Your Smile

Most people recognize the draw of an attractive smile. So much so that even when we do not put words to it, we may crave this for ourselves. An attractive smile goes a long way. It doesn't just help us make a great first impression, but it also enables us to carry ourselves more confidently. Studies point to the clear advantages that go hand in hand with an attractive smile: better "luck" at securing a job, more engaging relationships both in the office and in social settings, and even a vibe that we are genuine and successful.


If you are not currently in love with your smile, there is nothing saying you have to stay where you're at, cosmetically speaking. There are numerous ways to add value to your smile, and therefore to your personal image, and your dentist in Indianapolis, IN is here to help you.


-Tooth-colored fillings and other restorations are the new norms in dentistry. And more than just looking more attractive and lifelike, these restorations are durable and long-lasting, too. Fillings made from composite are bonded to teeth. This sets up a structure that mimics what nature intended.


-Teeth whitening is so simple, and so available, that many people forget their dentist offers this treatment. The fact is, if you want really white teeth, you need to have stains addressed in a professional manner. Solutions sold in retail stores and online, even those with a special light, do not contain the necessary strength to lift stains from enamel. They tend to lift only a shade or two because they are limited to the upper layer of enamel.


-Veneers have become the new go-to for people wanting to resize, reshape, or re-color their teeth. Custom to the exact shade, size, shape, and proportions needed to bring the entire smile into a harmonious state, veneers are an excellent solution for a variety of cosmetic issues.


Give your smile the royal treatment. Contact Tenth Street Dental Care & Denture Center to review our treatment options to bring out the best in your smile. 

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