Invisalign vs. Braces

Invisalign is a trending treatment that has taken over the braces treatment. The question which generally arises is, how effective is Invisalign vs. braces?


One must understand that Invisalign and braces are the tools in the hands of the doctor. Invisalign has certain advantages and disadvantages compared to the braces.


Advantages of Invisalign 

Discussing the advantages of Invisalign over braces, the most important factor for Invisalign is the consideration of aesthetics. It is a clear tray, which is almost invisible is fitted on the teeth compared to braces. This tray is also removable, so you can eat without the hassle of food being stuck. There is no restriction on the diet, you can eat after you remove the tray, however, with braces you need to watch out for what you eat as you can consume hard food like apple as it can break the braces.


Another considerable advantage of Invisalign is the maintenance of hygiene. It is much easier to brush and floss your teeth once you remove the tray compared to braces, which are not removable and require frequent visits for dental cleaning such as scaling procedure.


Disadvantages of Invisalign 

Now, discussing the disadvantages of Invisalign over braces, most importantly, Invisalign is a much slower process, it takes more time than the orthodontic treatment with braces. Invisalign is pre-programmed, so if something goes wrong in the middle of the treatment, the whole of the procedure such as taking impressions and sending it to the laboratory is repeated. The pre-fabrication of Invisalign tray takes time, however, with braces, once we position the braces we can twist and bend the wire as per the requirement so the treatment with braces comparatively takes a shorter time.


Invisalign requires good patient compliance, that is if you don't wear the tray as per the time recommended that is 20-22 hours a day, then the results will not be seen, however, that is why it is not recommended in complex cases by the Indianapolis Dentist. 

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