How To Prevent Bad Breath Naturally

ad breath can cause a number of problems, including bringing down an individual’s self-confidence. It even might hinder social interaction of an individual due to bad breath. There are multiple ways to prevent bad breath, including visiting our dental office in Indianapolis for a cleaning


Here are some things you can do to prevent bad breath.


(1)    Make sure to brush your teeth and gums

One of the main causes of bad breath is the lack of proper oral hygiene. Not brushing your teeth regularly would leave off some chunks of food that are stuck in between your teeth. This, in turn, can create a bad odor. Bacteria found on your teeth, gums, and tongue could only be removed if you brush twice a day and floss regularly.


(2)    Brush your tongue

Brushing your teeth will not be enough to remove bad breath. Food residue also resides in your tongue. In order to remove them, you could brush your tongue or scrape it.


(3)    Prevent having a dry mouth

Bad breath normally occurs if you have a dry mouth. Thus, it is important to drink lots of water. This would prevent the dryness of mouth from occurring. Water could wash out the tiny microbes in the mouth.


One reason why you could have a dry mouth is when you are on a certain medication. Some medication can cause for your mouth to dry out. Another reason of having a dry mouth is breathing through your mouth. This causes drying out of teeth and tongue and in turn, causes odor. If you are having difficulty breathing through your nose, drinking a decongestant could help you breathe easier. One cause of dry mouth can also be smoking.


(4)    Bring chewing gum

Besides masking your bad breath because of its mint flavor, gum could aid you into making more saliva. Being able to chew gum from now and then could prevent your mouth from going dry. Gums that are sugar-free or one with xylitol can fight off bad bacteria in your mouth.


(5)    Eat this for your snacks

If you are unable to brush up, there are some food you can eat for snacks in order to prevent bad breath. These snacks help kill off bacteria. For example, apple encourages saliva production, and it is known to be the top natural toothbrushes out there. You can also eat celery and raw carrots. These veggies have high moisture content, thus, preventing the growth of bad bacteria in your mouth. 

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