Feeling Sensitive?

Are you just like one of the multiple patients seen daily by the top provider of cosmetic dentistry in Indianapolis IN at Tenth Street Dental Care who suffer from teeth sensitivity? Every day Dr. Welch treats patients enduring this terrible toothache, that usually is triggered by hot, cold, sweet or spicy stimuli- but the list doesn’t stop there.


Amongst the causes of teeth sensitivity, high on the list is our diets. From years of acidic and sugary compounds eating away at the enamel, microscopic holes can form that only your cosmetic dentist in Indianapolis IN can help you put an end to. At the root of your sensitivity issue, quite literally, is a nerve at the center of the tooth. Whenever this nerve comes into contact with food or drinks- a throbbing pain can ensue for quite some time.


Those who suffer from teeth sensitivity know, however, that it is not only food and drink that cause the pain. What about brushing your teeth too hard? Or using teeth whitening products? They are just some of the triggers for furthering your sensitive teeth pain. For a more comprehensive list- you can click here!


For more information on stopping sensitive teeth pain, or to schedule an appointment with the top provider of cosmetic dentistry in Indianapolis IN- call our office today at (317) 358-8885.

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