Different Types of Teeth Stains

Teeth are considered to be one of the crowning glory of the human body. It’s the first thing people notice. It shows just how well people maintain their hygiene. But that’s not always the case.


Different Kinds of Teeth Stains presented by your Dentist in Indianapolis IN


Time Stains:

Hormones in a person’s body change as they age, and of course one of the noticeable ones are your teeth. Due to your dentin darkening and your enamel thinning, it gives the illusion of your teeth being discolored. Don’t fret, it is normal; it is just part of the aging phase. It is part of the process that everyone will have to go through at one point. It’s unavoidable, and nothing to be ashamed of.


Extrinsic Stains:

It’s another stain that is unavoidable, and it occurs over time. As your teeth come in contact with food, your enamel, which is the outer covering of your teeth, absorbs the colors. This will then stain your teeth. The more known foods that stain your teeth are tea, coffee, chocolate, and other dark- colored food. Not only that, smoking, and in some cases, chewing tobacco, can greatly stain your teeth. It has absolutely nothing to do with poor hygiene, but more on what you put in your mouth.


Intrinsic Stains:

This occurs when the dentin becomes stained or turn yellow. So, when the enamel that is covering it gets worn out, it shows the discoloration. There are several reasons why such stains happen. It could be that the person had too much fluoride as a child, the person’s mother took an antibiotic (tetracycline) during the second trimester of her pregnancy, or it could be due to physical trauma (causing bleeding inside the teeth). Whichever it may be, the stains originate from within.


Stains can tell different stories about people. Though it may not always be due to poor hygiene, it is important to go to the dentist in Indianapolis IN regularly for dental cleanings to help prevent teeth staining and to receive whitening treatments.

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