Dealing with Dental Myths

Your Indianapolis dentist Dr. Welch feels it is a sense of responsibility to make sure no patient question goes unanswered. This means taking time out at every appointment to address any concerns, as well as providing oral health blogs on our website for patients to view from the comfort of their homes.


In this practice, Dr. Welch often is asked similar questions by a number of patients, almost like they have gone viral. In order to help address the widest audience possible concerning two commonly asked misnomers of oral health care, the doctor has provided the following answers for all the world to see today:


Is brushing your teeth while your gums bleed bad for you?

It is more or less instinct for a human not to disrupt an open wound if it is bleeding. Even from a young age, we put band-aids on scraped knees, don’t play with them, etc. It is this thinking we must reverse in order to cure bleeding gums most of the time, however. Sure, some vitamin deficiencies and diseases can cause bleeding gums, but more often than not, it is due to an improper at-home regimen of flossing or brushing. Make sure to brush twice daily and floss once properly to keep your gums from bleeding, and if they start to, continue your regimen or improve upon it. You can always ask your Indianapolis dentist for tips on technique or timing.


Is diet soda not as harmful as regular?

There is no refuting the fact that diet soda has a lower sugar level than regular…it is part of what makes it diet soda. When most folks will get caught up in that fact alone, they will forget to look at the acid content said soda will contain. Over time, drinks with high acid content can wear away the enamel, leaving the teeth open for cases of decay, discoloration, sensitivity, and worse- disease. Try some water with cucumber or lemon to satisfy that sweet beverage thirst next time.


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