Cosmetics for a Top Smile

Dr. Kevin J. Welch is a cosmetic dentist in Indianapolis, Indiana who is excited to offer patients of Tenth Street Dental Care and Denture Center with a wide range of aesthetic treatments. His practice is equipped with the cutting edge technology to provide patients with a large selection of services to enhance the appearance of their smiles.


• Crowns – crowns, often referred to as dental caps, are used to cover the structure of a tooth for protection and strength. These restorations are custom made for patients for natural-looking results.

• Teeth whitening – brightening the smile is easy with the help of a cosmetic dentist. Our solutions are much more effective than anything available over-the-counter at the local drugstore.

• Bridges – bridges are one way for patients to replace missing teeth. They are affordable, permanent, and beautiful!

• Porcelain veneers – when imperfections exist on the anterior teeth, many patients use porcelain veneers to achieve their desired look. These ceramic facings are custom-made and bonded to the front of the tooth to camouflage the problems and give the smile a whole new look!

• Dental bonding – an option for tooth repair that is less expensive than veneers is that of composite resin bonding. This material is also used for fillings as it is the same color as natural tooth enamel. This provides seamless repair.

• Dentures – patients in the area of Indianapolis, IN may benefit from the use of dentures. Both partial and full dentures are available to patients to replace one, several, or all their teeth within the smile.

• Invisalign – orthodontic treatment is often needed to realign teeth and straighten the smile. Instead of using brackets and wires to obtain results, patients can speak to their dentist about the benefits of using Invisalign aligner tray therapy instead for more discreet treatment.


Ready to learn more about cosmetic dentistry solutions available in the Indianapolis, Indiana area? Contact Dr. Kevin J. Welch of Tenth Street Dental Care and Denture Center to discuss the endless possibilities! His practice is conveniently located at 6919 East 10th Street and can be reached by phone at (317) 358-8885. Contact him today to schedule a consultation visit and initial examination for a no-obligation appointment.

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