Cavity Fighting Candy

A candy that fights cavities? Sounds sort of preposterous to your general dentist in Indianapolis IN- we admit it. When most people think “candy”- they think of the same thing we do- sugar. Sugar that feeds bacteria in your mouth that causes cavities…we see it and treat it every day. And sure, brushing, flossing and eating healthy can eliminate some of these bacteria- sometimes the problem can come down to an environmental issue.


Just as man has learned to take away or add elements to their land to make it sustainable, the same can be done to our mouths too. Civilizations that have come before modern dentistry used to chew on licorice root to help with oral health problems- and it can still be used to this day. And no, we don’t mean the chewy, red dyed, long rope of “licorice” you get at the movie theater- we mean raw licorice root.


So how does this age-old root and method play into healthcare today? A relatively new company has created lollipops, aimed at children, called “LOLOZ” that contain licorice root and are available in a variety of yummy flavors. If you follow the company’s regimen for using these pops- the active ingredient in them changes the atmosphere of mouth, making it harder for cavity-causing bacteria to live. You can find out more about the “hows” and “wheres” by heading here: More at Dentalbuzz.


Regardless of the candy, you do or don’t put in your mouth, regular appointments with your general dentist in Indianapolis IN are needed to keep your teeth at their best. Call our office today to schedule a visit at (317) 358-8885.

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