All About Cosmetic Dentistry

Your top providers of cosmetic dentistry in Indianapolis IN often receive questions from patients asking what differs a particular set of specialties or procedures apart from another…our office from another…so on and so forth. Today we have decided to answer a few of these questions, which pertain to cosmetic dentistry in particular, into one blog for your consideration.


To start, what exactly defines cosmetic dentistry?

These are procedures that deal mainly with the appearance and aesthetic of the teeth, compared to functionality. That doesn’t mean that these procedures won’t cross paths or impact each other ever- but it is just not the main focus.


For example, if we place a dental bridge for a patient- it can certainly help enhance their appearance by eliminated missing teeth, but it also can improve functionality, such as speech and bite. We would never willingly sacrifice functionality for sheer aesthetic gains. As a doctor, we have to put the well-being of the patient first, and will not put other teeth or your health at risk just to give you a nicer looking smile.


Why practice cosmetic dentistry, and what sets you apart?

At Tenth Street Dental Care, we know we stand out from our competition because of our dedication to your well-being, and our belief in the smile. We truly feel that if we enhance a patient’s smile cosmetically, it can also enhance their insides, their emotions, their lives. We would not give up the ability to make someone feel even just a little bit happier if we can straighten, whitening or adjust their teeth for anything in the world.


Visit the top providers of cosmetic dentistry in Indianapolis IN today to see what makes us stand apart. Call us today to schedule an appointment at (317) 358-8885.

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