Air Abrasion Facts

Have you ever wondered what air abrasion is? This common method of removing tooth decay is becoming more popular in dental offices around the country. Here’s what you need to know.
What Is Air Abrasion?
Air abrasion removes decay from your tooth without the use of a dental drill. It is like a sandblaster that removes graffiti from walls. The handpiece of the air abrasion tool blows out an air stream made of tiny aluminum oxide particles. This is a powerful jet that blasts the tooth’s surface. When they bounce off your tooth, it also blasts away the tooth decay.
When is Air Abrasion Used?
The most common time that air abrasion is used is when the dentist is preparing the tooth for a composite filling. These are the white fillings that are used more frequently as an alternative to the metal counterparts.
Air abrasion is a great way to repair discolored teeth and minor cracks in the tooth. It is also used for bonding treatments or sealants. You’ll find that air abrasion works effectively for the repair of fractured, chipped or worn down teeth. Prior to cosmetic surgery, the dentist might use air abrasion as well to remove some spots or stains. You’ll find that air abrasion is also effective at repairing old filling, sealants, bridges or broken crowns.
Is it Safe?
Yes, this practice is safe, but there are some precautions to be aware of. Eyewear should be worn to protect from the spray. There will also be a rubber dam around the teeth to protect the area not being treated. Suction is also used to prevent the patient from breathing the dust into the lungs.
Air Abrasion Advantages
There are numerous advantages, including:
• No heat, vibration or pressure generated
• Reduces the need for anesthesia
• There is less risk of a chipped or fractured tooth
• Lifespan of the filling is increased
• Procedure is simple
If you are interested in the use of air abrasion for your dental procedures, be sure to speak with your Indianapolis, IN dentist. Together, you can determine the treatment options that are best for your needs.

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