Achieve Your Brightest Smile

Whether you feel your smile is discolored or simply dull, you will find that teeth whitening can restore the sparkle in your smile. Although teeth whitening is considered a cosmetic procedure (meaning it doesn’t impact function or health), you will find the benefits to be numerous. 

Choosing cosmetic dentist can be a monumental decision, as it is an investment in your health that is an elective procedure. What you may not realize, even though optional, cosmetic procedures can have vast impacts on your overall health. 


Why Choose a Cosmetic Procedure? 

It may not be immediately obvious, but, cosmetic procedures can have a profound impact on your mental/emotional health. When it comes to teeth whitening, you will find yourself smiling more frequently – and simply the act of genuine smiling sends positive signals to the brain to communicate happiness. 


Additionally, you will find that smiling is contagious, as you smile, others will smile back! Then, when you see someone smile at you, your brain releases endorphins, resulting in good vibes all around.  This chemical reaction can affect many portions of your life. 

It has been noted that people with whiter smiles have higher confidence and ultimately an easier time with: 


- Getting promotions and raises

- Getting a new job 

- Communicating 

- Solving disputes 

- Navigating new and existing social situations 


Overall, you’ll find that having a white smile will absolutely impact your confidence, causing a cascading domino-effect in your life. When it comes to your social life specifically, you will love the effects having a whiter smile offers. 


The Social Benefits of a Dazzling Smile

Aside from the chemical reaction that occurs in your body due to simply smiling, having a whiter smile can positively impact your social life. With a whiter smile, you will find yourself:


- Smiling more

- Laughing more

- Engaging more


Whether you find yourself flawlessly entertaining your friends or confidently navigating a budding friendship, you will be glad you chose to whiten and brighten your smile! Call your Indianapolis dentist today at (317) 358-8885.

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